Shop of the week: Milly’o

Has it been a week already?  I can’t believe we are on the last day of January, 1/12th of the way through the year.  When my mum used to tell me time fly’s when you’re having fun (or races by when your chasing two children) I never actually believed her, turns out she was right, again!

We have been lucky to receive lots of happy post this week, some from our old faithful’s and some from a few new shops we’ve never bought from before, all of it has been amazing but there are a few things that stood out in particular and so my
(obviously sought after) honour of the “Shop of the week” title goes to the rather amazing Milly’o.


I’ve been stalking this shop for a while, counting down until payday as you do, and I placed a small order for a knitted pom hat and a pair of striped leggings, both of which are amazing!

Being my usual indecisive self I had no idea which colour combination I wanted for Henry’s hat, I spent lots of time discussing the pro’s and con’s of each one with the lovely Milly and in the end they were all so lovely the conversation ended with me making no decision at all and asking for a surprise.  I knew I would love it whatever the colours, the quality of these hand-made products is obvious just from the pictures, Milly makes them all herself in an old mill in Coxley (it’s down south to my fellow northern beauties) and has been making unique kids clothing since 2012, she studied design and textiles since she was 16 so this mama knows her stuff!


a few Milly’o designs

Milly went with the blue hat with a cream pom which was the total right decision because it looks amazing!  Henry is obsessed and now is seen most often running around the house in just his nappy and hat, if I dare to take it off, for fear of heat exhaustion, Henry runs over and points at it shouting (yes actually shouting quite angrily) “aaat mama!”.  So I guess the hat is a hit with the little destroyer too!


The leggings we bought are also of amazing quality!  The material is so soft and they completely indulge my love of monochrome, those of you who haven’t yet realised, I am partial to a bit of old school black and white.  We ordered the 2-3 because Henry is blessed with his dads never-ending legs and he has plenty of room to grow in them, they fit more like a harem at the minute which looks so cool but as he gets bigger they will fit more like leggings.  The waistband is always a big deal for me, I think it’s so important that above all else your littles have a comfy tum, they will spend the rest of their grown up lives squeezing into jeans that are slightly too tight so while they are constantly rolling and climbing around they should always be comfy.  The waistband on these leggings is super stretchy and soft and has a lot of give, meaning that comfort and style can go together after all!

Paul was concerned that I was dressing Henry like beetle juice these days when the leggings first arrived (like Paul has a clue about trends or fashion!) but loved them once they were on.  Trust me this alone is an achievement, unless they’re tracksuit bottoms Paul is usually underwhelmed to say the least, these are definitely a new favourite in our house!

As I’ve said before one of the best things for me about shopping small is getting to know the makers and where our clothes are coming from, I love to support small businesses and help someone in some small way achieve their goals, Milly has been so lovely throughout the whole transaction, we have had a few little chats over the past couple of weeks and she is so nice, and obviously patient dealing with me and my lack of decision-making skills!

There is a massive selection listed on Etsy, tie dye, bibs, leggings and of course the hats! If there is anything you’re after that isn’t on the site drop Milly a message and she will try her best to sort you out, I promise she is lovely!

For a piece of the Milly’o amazingness head over to the Etsy site now and check out what is currently available but it is also worth following @_Milly_o_ on instagram for some extras that aren’t listed on the website.  Happy shopping lovelies!



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