Shop of the week: Featherstone and Bloom

Just to start off apologies to those of you who have messaged me about this post, I know its (a lot) overdue, dodgy internet connection and a lack of time to breathe have both contributed to my complete uselessness :-|, on the plus side this one is worth the wait!

Before I even start to talk about the (completely amazing) tees we got from Featherstone and Bloom, the packaging needs a moment of admiration:


Amazing right?!




Our package came complete with a lovely handwritten note and an always welcome discount code for 10% off our next order, one of the reasons I love shopping small is the personal touches and the extra effort that has gone into the products you receive, you really feel like your supporting someone’s dream and that makes the already awesome product even more special!

We stalked the postman for these tees I was so excited to receive them, even my normal happy post wasn’t quite as happy until they arrived, stupidly I waited until the 23rd of December to order them and since such perfection isn’t made overnight it took a while for me to receive them, the normal turn around time is much shorter but with Christmas and new year in the way, well lets just say I think my postman was expecting me to explode at anytime.

Obviously we tried them on as soon as they arrived and I have to say firstly how soft they are!  The fabric is amazing, perfect for super soft, delicate little skin and 100% cotton so it washed amazingly well, I also love that all the inks are water-based and eco-friendly, who doesn’t love the environment after all, right?!

Being a massive fan of monochrome makes the designs perfect for me and Henry, designs are available on white, black or grey and with either long or short sleeves.  I love how they are so simple but really effective at the same time and not a cartoon character in sight!  Most designs are gender neutral but there are a few more suited to either sex, the “Girl code” tee almost makes me crazy enough to give pregnancy one more shot, not quite though, and since they go all the way up to age 5-6 Henry can keep wearing Featherstone and bloom for ages anyway.  They actually do adult sizes if you fancy a bit of mother-daughter twinning, the “girl code” tees are perfect!


“Beep Beep”… definitely a robot that son!


Henry loves the robot design and points to his tummy saying “beep beep” I think he just assumes its a car but hey, it makes him happy so who cares!  The designs on Featherstone and Bloom tees are fast becoming the wear of the ‘insta-famous’ and most of my online mummy friends are stocking up fast!  I have definitely got a reminder set for Fridays new release which you can check out on instagram (@featherstoneandbloom) it appeals to a lady such as yours truly, who is a fan of tongue in cheek humour and also appeals to my toddler who just likes trucks… use your imagination!

Chris who is the big boss man at Featherstone and bloom started to make tees after struggling to find any unique designs for his (super cute) daughter Alix-Grace and so being super creative and having a background in Art & Design he began to draw and hand print these awesome tees which are now available to all of us, freshly made and packaged in Scotland!

Being hand-printed makes every tee a little bit unique and amazing.  Chris is a lovely guy who likes seeing all your littlest beauties in his designs so give him an insta-tag of your kiddos wearing their tops and make his day.


Featherstone and Bloom at it’s loveliest!


I cannot recommend buying at least one (or 3 in our case) of these super stylish, comfy tops.  We went for age 3-4 because we love the oversized look but if your a fan of it fitting as it should the sizes are in my opinion true-to-size if not generous so no need to go bigger unless, like us your a fan of looking like you just arrived from the 80’s!

Orders over £20 get free shipping throughout the UK and worldwide shipping is available, see website for pricing.

Featherstone and bloom have in no way influenced my opinions, this is an honest review of a product that I have bought, paid for and tested myself.

Check out Featherstone and Bloom:

online at :

Instagram: @featherstoneandbloom



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