Henry’s style: recommendations

Too look at me you wouldn’t think I was Henry’s mum, I have three pairs of jeans that are worn in rotation, I have zero accessories and my hair is a daily reminder that the “mum bun” was never a good look.  I have a few different tops and two pairs of shoes, all in all as far from a fashionista as you can get.

I wear no make-up which if anyone asks, is a stand against the false expectations people have of beauty but in reality is because I just cannot be arsed!

Completely plain, completely standard, you wouldn’t notice I even existed in a room of 20 people, I’m socially awkward, quiet and pretty shy in real life.  I’m a total keyboard warrior, me and Henry could not be any more different if we tried!

When Thomas came along in 2010 the clothing options where limited, joggers, jeans, some cute Disney outfits but nothing unique or a little bit different, me and Thomas were completely matched in our dull wardrobes.

(Infinity scalf: trendytotsthreads

Jumper: twolittles

Leggings: jambeskids)

When i was pregnant with Henry i was completely obsessed with finding unique clothes, clothes handmade and not mass-produced.  I searched the internet and became obsessed with WAHM shops and small businesses.

Henry has always been my little dress up doll, I love to dress him in trendy clothes, he is the fashionista I wish i could be.

(scalf: speckledfrog

Jumper: mummy_and_the_beast)

So many people have messaged me asking about Henry’s clothes and where they are from that I thought this blog could be a good starting block for anyone wanting something a bit different for their littles.  Any shop mentioned in this blog has been tried and tested by us but I am in no way being paid to advertise, i am passing on some information to you from me.

(outfit: turtledove london)

I’m a massive fan of shopping small, every order you make goes to someone working hard to realize their dream, someone who will spend time making sure the product you receive is perfect and although you will pay a little extra for the time of these overworked lovelies you will have the best quality clothes!

(jumper: blueberrybookids

Leggings: leshylamb)

Often the people behind Henry’s amazing wardrobe have another full-time job, a family and everyday rubbish like you and me and making clothes is a sideline because they just love it,   seriously these people have way more stamina than me because once my two little beasts are in bed my fingers ache typing this blog!

Clothes for boys are a balance between comfort and durability.

I mean boys seriously test the integrity of their clothes, Thomas loves nothing better than to knee slide across the floor every time he passes wind closely followed by Henry who just thinks it looks dangerous so it must be fun, right?.  So to me top-notch clothes are an investment.

(jumper: birdiesandbearcubs

leggings: trendytotsthreads)

Henry has some amazing clothes and I know a lot of you have asked where they are from so I have listed a few of our favourites, follow them all on Instagram and discover a whole new world of fashion for your littles that you never realised existed!

(jumper:_boxedapparel,  leggings: trendytotsthreads)

Get your bank card ready, and imagine how completely awesome your little style icon is gonna look, after all our kids are an extension of ourselves aren’t they, we dress them in the things we want to wear but can’t pull off.

Trendytotsthreads: Henry’s most worn brand, we love the range of fabric choices and you can get pocket tees to co-ordinate your outfit, the infinity scarves are the best I’ve found so far.  (this is one seriously lovely mama, you have to give her a DM for a chat when you place your order)

Turtledove London: seriously amazing monochrome designs, we have all of the winter collection, size up if your mini-fashionista is tall like Henry or you will be crying when they don’t last as long as you would like.

Leshylamb:  who doesn’t love stars!  These leggings are super soft and the fleece lined ones not only keep your littles legs warm they look amazing!

Blueberrybookids: If your after a completely unique top these guys are for you! They are amazing! You can personalize everything about your top, the words on it, have you little ones name on there, they are just awesome.

_boxedapparel: The jumpers from this shop are more splurge pieces if you are super skint like me but i promise you they are so worth it!  The designs are unique and i cannot express how soft the jumpers are! I want a grown up one! Also completely ethically made,  organic cotton 💙

Featherstoneandbloom: these tees are made by a Daddy who wanted more unique designs for his own little diva and so started to make them himself, we are still awaiting our first orders arrival but the designs on these Tees deserve a follow on Instagram for sure!

Rj_apparel: We have had so many outfits and hats from this instashop I couldn’t miss it out, this is one of the more budget friendly shops and has so many super cute outfits.

Jambeskids: A pretty new brand that do the best leggings!   The red leggings featured in my. Pictures are jambes leggings and they are awesome!

Mummy_and_the_beast: Another new shop,  the t-shirt’s are so lovely and soft and such a good fit!  Again these can be personalised and this lovely mamma will do you a custom if you wanted a one of a kind for a special occasion.
That concludes my Instagram shop guide and I hope it has sent a few of you in the right direction, I know this is a totally different post from my usual light-hearted moaning about life kind of post but so many of you have been asking about Henrys outfits I thought it could help you find a few amazing shops and go from there!

Happy shopping and give us a follow on Instagram,  I always tag the shops Henry is wearing.  @tucker_and_henry


4 thoughts on “Henry’s style: recommendations

  1. Ooooohh! Thanks for this! Definitely going to give some of these a try! I’ve come across leshylamb before so I must do an order after reading this!


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