Your sexy and you know it. 

My body is amazing but I don’t think it will be featuring in playboy anytime soon. 

It’s incredible but not exactly what you imagine on babe station,  and what a massive shame that is! 

My body has created two beautiful children (all be it they are slightly flawed in the sanity department but I don’t blame my body for that at all,  it’s definatly a paternal inheritance!). 

 my body has withstood years of abuse,  alchol, cigarettes, lack of recuperating sleep.   My body is a fucking genius!  

My body has decided to show me how grateful it is for all the shit I’ve put it through by rewarding me with lots of extra layers to keep me warm,  an overhang I could possibly keep my keys and phone in if forgot my bag and boobs that don’t require a bra because they would probably tuck into my knickers (or bikini bottoms if it’s a washing day). 

Thanks a fucking lot! 

We all hate our bodies,  even the skinnier amongst us will find somthing wrong,

  “I don’t like my belly button it’s a bit slanted”  for example!   (I know!  What a bell end)  

but seriously none of us are happy. 

  why the fuck not? 

My stomach resembles a map of the London underground,  those lines were well earned!  My stomach carried two babies and all the shit they come with,  I have eaten my body weight in chocolate when I have felt down,  or up,  or any which way,  I just love chocolate.   So what?   It’s my tummy,  it kept my babies warm for nine months,  and it’s super cuddly and I actually quite like it! 

Some ladies completely rock the thigh gap,  I don’t have one,  in fact my thighs kinda overlap these days if I stand up straight and it wouldn’t be uncommon to hear them slap together if I have no choice to pick up the pace to a jog.   Neither is more beautiful,  rock what you’ve got! 

My beautiful breasts (which totally make up for my lack of thigh gap by basically living under my pits these days because the gap between them is so big)  have fed a baby.   

They have actually fucking nourished a living human!   

Sure they sag a bit and if I wanna look at my nips for any reason these days I have to lie down and kinda squeeze then together with my hands but did I mention they had fed a human being? 

If your skinny your amazing,  if you have been gifted with wobbly bits,  your amazing,  and if your more curvy than a curly wurly your still amazing.  

Stop worrying about what everyone else thinks and worry about what you think,  about what your inner sex goddess self thinks.   

We are told constantly fat isn’t sexy,  or that if you don’t have any curves or heaven forbid a flat arse you may aswell just buy a cat because nobody will ever fancy that.   we’ll I call bull shit! 

Every single one of us is a piece of art,  with a story behind every line,  every scar,  every wobbly bit.   

Your body is your autobiography,  it tells your story,  love it!  Love yourself and love your imperfections because they are exactly what makes you perfect! 

If we want to find the perfect body we should stop looking in magazines and start looking at each other because we are what is real and true and we are fucking beautiful! 

If you don’t like a part of yourself,  if you loose your hot mama self for a bit under one of your boobs then give your body some attention,  if it bothers YOU then fix it, (or buy Bridget Jones knickers)  otherwise leave it,  love it and rock it. 

Beauty is a state of mind,  and trust me your somebody’s favourite story!   Maybe you just didn’t realise it yet.  


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